Easy gingerbread man recipe for preschoolers

This gingerbread man recipe is an easy activity to make with preschoolers. This traditional gingerbread recipe makes the crunchiest cookies and they last crunchy for longer!

crispy and crunchy gingerbread cookies
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crispy and crunchy gingerbread cookies

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These gingerbread cookies are flavored with Christmas spices (Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginger, and All Spice), so they smell wonderful when baking in the oven. Kids will have so much fun baking these!

kids favorite christmas cookies
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My three-year-old son had so much fun baking these with me.

Your kitchen will be full of flour and that’s okay. Because you will make your little ones day…

easy gingerbread men recipe for kids
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Baking and decorating cookies are some of the best fun activities to do with kids. They find it similar to playing with playdough but it’s edible!

What Do Children Learn From Cooking?

what do children learn from cooking?
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Recipe for making these easy gingerbread men cookies for preschoolers

kid friendly gingerbread men cookies
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kid-friendly gingerbread men cookies


printable gingerbread man recipe for preschoolers
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printable gingerbread man recipe for preschoolers
  • Softened Butter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Molasses
  • 1 Egg
  • Siftened Unbleached All Purpose Flour
  • Christmas Spices ( Salt, Ginger,Cinnamon,Cloves,Nutmeg & All Spice)

Instructions For Making These Easy Gingerbread Men Cookies For Preschoolers:

In a bowl, start by creaming the butter with sugar.

Add your egg, molasses, and spices and mix well until everything is well combined.

Finish with the flour until you form a dough. Not too sticky and not too rough…

Cover it with a plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for about 15 mins

gingerbread cookie dough should rest for 15mins in the fridge
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gingerbread cookie dough should rest for 15mins

After 15 mins, your dough should be ready to roll…

Place it on a clean floured surface and roll it until you reach the desired thickness. Then,

cut it with the Gingerbread Cookie Cutter or any desired Holiday Cookie Cutters.

easy gingerbread men cookies for preschoolers
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When done, transfer the cookies gently to a baking pan wired with parchment paper

baking christmas cookies with preschoolers
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Bake them in a 350 preheated oven for 15 mins. Keep checking every once and then cause sometimes they cook fast based on your oven and the quality of flour…

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Let them cool down before you start decorating…

Then decorate them the way you’d like with some homemade icing or a store-bought one.

Enjoy them while still warm!

kids baking gingerbread cookies
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kids baking gingerbread cookies


Preschoolers can help adding the ingredients to the bowl and mix. They can also help with the rolling and cutting…

These traditional gingerbread cookies have a long life lasting on the shelf. They stay fresh and crispy for up to a month. If stored properly in an airtight container.

I hope this kid-friendly recipe was useful! Make them with your little ones to make some good memories 

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