Meet Sara

Parenting with Sara

Hi. I’m Sara and welcome to my blog! 🌐

I am a Mom Blogger in Austin,TX  🏡

I am so excited we found each other… 🥰

I was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco where I spent all my childhood collecting dolls and pretending to be a teacher.  I then moved to Canada to attend College and become an Early Childhood Educator…  👩‍🎓

During my first years in Canada, I decided to do some volunteer in many daycares and  worked with all the group ages to practice what I’ve learned in class 🏫

After school, I ended up working with preschoolers. 🎠

I am now parent to a five year old boy. 👩‍👦

When I became a mom, I wanted to raise my child with a calm and gentle way. Even in chaotic situations. 🧸

I started studying more about positive parenting and it opened my eyes on lots of things… 💝

Positive parenting is very tricky and it’s about the little things that makes you a great parent! 😊

Things to know...

about me

Favorite season: Summer ☀️

Favorite drink: Kombucha 🍹

Favorite fruit: Watermelon  🍉about me

 I love to collect Perfumes 🛍

I love to travel specially where there is ocean 🏖

I love to decorate cookies with children 🎀                     sara habity

I am a crafty person and I love to paint 🖌

I speak French and Arabic too  🤩

I guess that’s it for now 🙂

I’d love to hear from you as well so feel free to say hi!