Valentine’s Q-Tip Painting For Kids

Valentine’s Q-Tip painting is a great art for kids during Valentine’s season.

This last minute, easy activity is meant for toddlers and preschoolers.

Valentine's q-tip painting for kids
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If you are looking for a last minute and a fun activity than try this Valentine’s Q-tip painting for kids.

Easy recipe that takes literally 3mins to make. You will need 3 ingredients only!

valentine's q-tip painting for kids
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For this Valentine’s Q-tip painting activity, you’ll need:

  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Q-Tips


In advance, set up your activity table. Always set up the table before inviting the children to play ( this will prevent angry kids or losing their interest in the activity )

Start by cutting heart shape paper based on the number of kids in your group.

Place the paint in a paper and throw in the Q-tips.

When you’re ready, invite the children to the table and explain to them the instructions.

valentine's easy art for kids
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Give them the Q-tips and let them get creative! Sometimes the play gets extended by their creative ideas…That is the point of free play.

valentine's q-tip painting for kids
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Tip: This idea of painting with Q-tips can be integrated into any season. ( For example, during Christmas time you can cut a gingerbread shape and let them again paint with Q-tips…)

easy valentine's painting for kids
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I hope you try this easy Valentine’s Q-tip painting with your little ones. For other Valentine’s activities, check my other blog on making easy valentine’s cookies with little ones. Here!

The Smock that the child in the picture is wearing:

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