Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Art For Kids

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Art activity for kids. It is an easy art activity during the Fall Season

It is an easy art activity for kids to help them develop their fine/ gross motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills:

Children will practice their cutting skills ( using scissors)

Fine Motor Skills:

Collage… Taking the small pieces of tissue paper/ Construction Paper/ Cotton Balls and gluing them to the White Paper.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Art For Kids
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If you are looking for a last-minute and fun activity to calm a group of kids during a chilly Fall day… Then look nowhere.

You will only need few items that you already have to keep your toddlers or preschoolers busy!

For this Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Art for kids, you’ll need:


In advance, set up your activity table. Always set up the table before inviting the children to play ( this will prevent angry kids or losing their interest in the activity )

Instruction to make this Thanksgiving pumpkin pie art for kids:

With your little volunteer children, Start by cutting the Orange Tissue and the Brown Construction Paper into pieces and place them on a plate.

Cut some White paper into medium-sized triangles and set them aside on the table as well.

Pumpkin Pie art for kids
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Add the Glue Sticks and Cotton Balls to the table.

When you’re ready, invite the rest of the children’s group to the table and explain to them the instructions.

The white triangle is the base.

The Brown Paper represents the Pie Crust and Orange Tissue Paper is the Pumpkin Pie filling.

When it comes to the Cotton Balls, is the Whipped Cream!

Have Fun and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Easy Thanksgiving Art for toddlers and preschoolers
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Since it’s the Pumpkin Season, Pumpkin Pie Art will lead to more fun Pumpkin Activities… Try this fun Pumpkin Spice Playdough Recipe!

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