Preschool Emotions Playdough Activity

Preschool Emotions Playdough Activity to teach emotions in a fun way.

This last minute, easy activity is meant for toddlers and preschoolers.

If you are looking for a last minute and a fun activity to teach emotions than try this one.

Easy activity that takes literally no time for preparation or set up.

For this Preschool Emotions Playdough activity, you’ll need:

  • A paper
  • Crochet Thread
  • Playdough


 In a piece of paper, sketch a face without a mouth

Preschool Emotions playdough
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Add crochet thread ( or any thread) for the hair

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With the use of Playdough, make different type of emotions and talk about them to your little one

 Emotions Playdough
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☆ Tip: Pick the emotions based on your child age and level of understanding

I hope you enjoy teaching emotions to your little ones with this fun activity. If you want an Easy No Cook Playdough, check out my other blog post of Playdough Recipe

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