Pool sensory small world play

This pool small world play is a great sensory activity for kids during the summer.

You can set up this fun activity with the everyday material you probably already have.

pool small world play
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for this pool sensory small world play, you’ll need:


Start by measuring the container so you can cut the blue paper. (the container I used is, the one for the cookie cutters )

pool sensory small world play
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After you’re done cutting the blue paper, tape it in the container.

Next, laminate the green construction paper ( to avoid being soaking wet later on )

And finish by cutting the black construction paper into small circles ( to pretend it’s rocks)

summer sensory small world play for preschoolers
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When done, fill up the container with some blue water ( water mixed with blue food coloring), then set up the activity with the Playmobil figurines, or any other figurines you have.

Playmobil swimming pool sensory play
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Invite the little ones to play and let them have fun 🙂

summer sensory play for kids
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My little boy started playing with the figurine enjoying her time in the pool, then he decided to add Peppa Pig figurines too to the pool 🙂

pool imaginative play
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I hope you enjoy making this fun pool sensory small world play with your preschoolers during the summer season, for more fun activities, feel free to check out my other blog post : Seashell Art Preschool

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