Eggless chocolate ice cream recipe

This eggless chocolate ice cream recipe is kid-friendly because it’s no-churn, no-cook, and very easy to make!

This can be a great cooking activity to make with kids during the summer season.

eggless chocolate ice cream recipe
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Summertime is the time for ice cream. Little ones love it and we do too. This recipe gives you the creamiest, richest ice cream. You can use the same basic ingredients but substitute the chocolate for other flavors ( example: raspberry, pistachio,…etc ) or you can just leave it plain. by adding the vanilla instead of the Chocolate.

Cooking is a great activity to do with children, they learn a lot of skills from it and they also find it fun. You can start inviting little ones from a younger age to be in the kitchen, as long you remove hazardous objects away from their reach and give them easy tasks to do based on their age and developmental abilities.

Here Are Some Benefits Of A Cooking Activity

what do children learn from cooking?
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To make this eggless chocolate ice cream recipe, you’ll need:

Kit Kat chocolate ice cream recipe
Twix chocolate ice cream recipe
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  • 1l Whipping Cream
  • 1 can of Condensed Milk
  • Cream Cheese ( I used 2 Kiri squares)
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Kiri & Twix pieces ( optional)


In a bowl, add the condensed milk with the cream cheese and the whipping cream.

Whisk everything together with the hand mixer for 2 minutes on speed 5. ( Don’t over-whisk with the blender because it won’t give you a creamy rich flavor)

At this point, if you have little helpers you can invite them now to join you and finish the recipe.

Little helpers can help with:

  • Add the cocoa powder
  • With the Spatula, incorporate the cocoa powder into the batter.
  • Add the pieces of any Chocolate Bar. (I used Kit Kat and Twix because after frozen, they turn out to give the crunchiness to the ice cream as if it has nougat inside )
no eggs, no churn, no machine, no cook chocolate ice cream
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When finished, transfer everything to an airtight container lined with some plastic wrap ( to avoid the ice cream sticking)

Freeze overnight or for a minimum of 3 hours.

Serve to your kiddos with some sprinkles on top, and enjoy! 🙂

kid-friendly chocolate ice cream no eggs
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I hope you enjoyed making this recipe with me. For another fun and easy recipe to make with little ones as a cooking activity, make sure to check out these Spring Flower Cookies

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