5 Ways to Make Baby Sleep Through the Night!

Every parent wants their baby to sleep through the night without waking up.    In this article, I shared with you my  5 ways and a routine  to make this happen.


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5 ways to make baby sleep through the night
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How to get my baby to sleep through the night? This is the most common question asked by many parents.

The first thing you need to know, every baby is unique.  And as a parent, you need to evaluate your baby.

 Is he above 6 months? Because, most of babies should be sleep trained by now.

Does he still need nights feeding? And, what I mean by that, when your baby’s pediatrician tells you to keep feeding him through the night due to his weight.

If your baby’s weight is normal and he is 6 months. Then this article is right for you.

 I will handle you my 5 tips that worked perfectly with my son and that helped us both get a good night sleep.

Most of us as adults have a bedtime routine before going to bed and our body got used to it. For example: You can’t just go to bed without brushing your teeth and put your PJ’s on, can you? The answer is certainly no!

Well babies need a bedtime routine too for them to sleep through the night.

1) Set a Bedtime Routine

set a bedtime routine baby sleep through the night
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Turn off the television at least 1 hour before to help your baby relax. Reduce the lights and start the routine every day at the same time. A consistent bedtime routine will gradually let your baby know that it’s time to go to sleep.

2) Feed The Baby

feed the baby to sleep through the night
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Give your baby something to eat. Steamed rice or mashed potatoes are a good option. But for my baby, he likes Baby Cereal. It works for me too because it makes him sleep through the night. Always remember, If the baby is full, it will help him sleep easily.

3) Bath Time

bath time baby sleep through the night
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Sing Lullabies while you’re bathing your baby. It helps them to relax.

Give your baby a calming massage using baby body creams that contains chamomile. The one I am using now is Johnson Bedtime Bath and it comes with a body cream.  

Also, make sure to pick a cozy, comfy PJ  (I’ll link down below some few)

4)  Story Time

story time baby sleep through the night
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Read books that are designed especially for bedtime. The book itself, has a huge impact on the baby so choose it carefully.

These are the top books that I find  amazing for bedtime:

5) Let Baby Fall Asleep on His Own!

let baby fall asleep on his own
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Offer a small security plush blanket. A soother too if you are fine with it.

Hug and put your baby in the crib while drowsy but not sleepy.

I hope these tips work for you and remember each baby is different. Your baby might not be ready to sleep through the night until at a later age and that’s completely normal! 

Some cute comfy PJ’s

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