5 Easy Activities for Toddlers at Home

5 easy activities for toddlers at home  that are a last minute thing. Great educational activities for either home or daycare.

Educational activities are so important to help the child develop the 5 main areas:

  • Cognitive 
  • Social and Emotional 
  • Speech and Language 
  • Fine Motor Skill 
  • Gross Motor Skill 

Check this link to read more about how the child develop each area related to the play.

Easy toddlers activities
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Planning an activity for little ones can be hard sometimes. Specially, it’s hard to tell their interests…

Here are 5 easy toddler activities at home or daycare

sensory bottles

A bottle, water, food coloring(optional) and any little objects.
Example: you can make aquarium (sand, shells, little fish toys)

Or you can make a sensory bottle mixed with beans

jello dig play

Jello Dig play - sensory activity
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3 Packets of sugar-free Jello and throw in some toys.

(mini cars, dolls,…etc)

During each season, you can get creative.

For example, if it’s Halloween Season, add some spiders and mini bugs

the exploration bin

planned activity - ways to keep kids busy while working from home
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Put any safe objects, different textures and let your child explore.
Example: Sand, mini vehicles

To make it more fun, fill a bucket with some oat and add some cars and trucks figurines (excavators, bulldozers , trucks,…etc) to make a miniature construction site.

painting without a mess

Mess free painting for toddlers
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Put paint color in a Ziplock bag and for extra protection seal the top with duct tape. Let the child feel the texture.

This is a great activity for infants as well.

walkway/crawlway bubble wrap

Bubble wrap activity for toddlers
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Put the bubble wrap on the floor and seal it with duct tape.

This activity will keep your little ones happy and busy for hours.

This can be an activity for infants as well.

I hope you try these fun easy 5 toddler activities at home with your little one.

Toddlers need to be busy and directed in order to avoid toddler tantrums.

Having educational activities like these will promote their development.

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